Our Community

Central to WBB’s culture is a strong sense of our duty to the communities that support and sustain our business. In turn, we pursue every opportunity to reach out and give back to these communities. We also encourage our employees to be active in community service. WBB has instilled our philosophy for social responsibility throughout our workforce – at corporate headquarters, our eight office locations, and our clients’ sites. We also work with corporate partners, vendors, and our peers to develop and enact related initiatives and build relationships.

At WBB, we feel a special commitment to those who have sacrificed their health and well-being in service to the nation over the last decade of warfare. The nature of the conflict, coupled with modern combat lifesaving, has resulted in unprecedented numbers of young people returning home with serious injuries to both mind and body. Over 42,000 Wounded Warriors have incurred service-connected injuries since September 11, 2001. WBB actively supports organizations and initiatives dedicated to improving wellness and quality of life for these heroes and their families. We believe that by providing assistance to these heroes and their families, we will raise awareness of the value of service and sacrifice to our national well-being. We also hope to strengthen bonds and relieve stress in military families and provide programs and services to meet the needs of these valiant men and women.

Our Initiatives

WBB established a pathway internship program that is designed to help demobilize veterans as they transition to careers as civilians. We then help them with permanent job placement either in-house or with another firm. We supported Operation Jump- Start with donations of suits and ties from employees to help veterans transition into the civilian workforce.

Each year, WBB personnel gather to provide bicycles, helmets, hundreds of toys, as well as monetary donations for several campaigns surrounding veterans and their children, including Toys for Tots.

WBB also supports the Three Oaks Center through the establishment of the Southern Maryland Veterans Initiative and a Veterans Stand- Down Day. These efforts focus on the needs of service veterans who are facing very difficult challenges – including homelessness complicated by unemployment, healthcare issues, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Our personnel give much of their time to support the veteran community. Many do pro-bono work for one of our Warrior Gathering partners, Warrior Canine Connection. This effort includes consulting services, writing business plans, as well as designing corporate materials for the non-profit organization.

WBB's Annual Warrior Gathering

The largest of our corporate-wide efforts is WBB’s annual Warrior Gathering, during which we partner with local veteran-owed nonprofit organizations to help injured service members and their families strengthen family bonds and relieve stresses. Our Warrior Gathering provides a much-needed respite through a relaxing environment for quality family time, informal peer group support, group activities, and a venue for spouses and family members to connect and learn from one another. Since the program initiation in 2012, WBB has raised more than $150,000, as well as material donations supporting these efforts. 

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