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Better Care Planning Using Apps

May 29

From the patient side, the clinical setting is mostly a foreign and somewhat scary terrain, and maximizing the value of visiting a doctor faces serious challenges. These challenges include an asymmetrical power and risk balance between provider and patient, a knowledge asymmetry, and emotional hurdles.

Smartphone applications can reduce the effects of these symptoms and promote more effective communication between patient and caregiver. Applications will help keep both parties synced with real-time, accurate information and can lead to reduced clinical mistakes and a more efficient healing process.

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Matthew Loxton

Matthew Loxton
Senior Analyst- Knowledge Management

Matthew Loxton is Knowledge Management expert and blogs on Knowledge Management. His interests include Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, and Intellectual Asset Management, but also enjoys neuropsychology and evolutionary science – particularly where they intersect with Knowledge Management. Matthew is passionate about human problem-solving and innovation, and how those are part of Knowledge Management. Research interests at present lie in the confluence of Berne’s Game Theory & Transactional Analysis and Memetics, particularly as they pertain to Knowledge Management and viral behavior of ideas that jump from person to person to person.



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