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The Missing Piece to a Successful Lessons Learned Approach

January 2

VHA Lessons Learned & Discovery Informatics

Proper analysis of an organization’s output, resources, and performance is critical when managing an efficient agency or business unit. WBB was recently awarded a task order under VHA Product Effectiveness Lessons Learned to implement their unique Discovery Informatics solution. WBB experts will analyze all findings and projects that were implemented since Product Effectiveness was established 7 years ago. The WBB team will apply their lessons learned capability coupled with their Discovery Informatics solution to mine exiting data, associate trends, and analyze these trends in order to make evidence-based recommendations for identifying root causes, determining opportunities for process improvement, and measuring value. WBB’s work will result in identifying trends that can be used to improve VHA project processes.

Discovery Informatics, WBB’s suite of decision support and business discovery solutions, enables organizations to transform a sea of data into actionable intelligence. The Discovery Informatics solution will allow the WBB team to break down data or associate it with similar data, making it easier for the organization to have a high-level visual of all projects. Not only will WBB’s solution answer current problems, it will quickly discover new questions that haven’t been given prior thought. Analysts and decision makers will gain the ability to rapidly access quality information to make timely and informed decisions based on accurate and integrated data, as opposed to spending an inordinate amount of time trying to simply uncover the data.

Discovery Informatics gives our analysts a more holistic grasp of multiple parts of an organization, allowing our lessons learned recommendations to increase in scope and accuracy. Using Discovery Informatics, our analysts quickly discover gaps or hidden trends in data. Once we identify how these discoveries are affecting business processes and organizational goals, WBB analysts are able to prescribe actionable recommendations that management can begin implementing immediately. Discovery Informatics’ unique data association capability allows the WBB team to take their recommendations a step further by predicting “what if” situations. Our lessons learned capability is not only our ability to make recommendations based on past events, it has evolved to become a dependable source of condition-based prediction.

“We are excited to bring a new level of value to VHA programs through implementing our lessons learned approach with our customized Discovery Informatics solution. All program operations will be transparent throughout the organization and will ultimately help managers make decisions better, faster, and more accurately. During these frugal times, this is something that every organization could benefit from,” says Diana Francois, Vice President at WBB.

WBB hopes to bring this long-term, enterprise-wide solution to other healthcare organizations to manage both quantitative and qualitative data more effectively and provide lessons learned recommendations more easily.



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