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Case Study: VHA Office of Connected Health/Care

January 19

CHALLENGE Establish a startup Connected Health Program Office in less than 1 year  Coordinate digital health programs: PHR/myHealtheVet, telehealth, kiosks, mobile health, innovations Manage portfolio…

Case Study: VHA Product Effectiveness Lessons Learned

January 13

CLIENT RESULTS: Increased knowledge sharing on several key projects leading to improvements in performance and progress toward becoming “learning organizations”. Strengthened PE partnerships with project teams resulting in earlier application of lessons learned and a greater number of actionable lessons and recommendations, both at the project level and at the VHA executive leadership level.

CaseStudy: VHA Product Effectiveness Lessons Learned Knowledgebase

January 13

CLIENT RESULTS: Employed pilot capabilities to retrieve and analyze information from past six years of projects to develop evidence for requirements recommendations on a new large-scale project. Supported integrated analysis of historical project data to create a series of journals of lessons learned on project implementation topics.

Case Study: VHA SIM,OIA, Major Deployments

August 12

CLIENT RESULTS: Established plan to test all know applications, manage unknown applications and institute strategy to management applications that do not pass testing due to deployment obstacles or non-compliance of the application. A managed deployment plan that quickly communicated issues and concerns to leadership and business owners and the ability to manage obstacles.

Case Study: VHA Strategic Investment Management, Service Oriented Architecture

August 12

CLIENT RESULTS: All VistA services were documented and cataloged, including the implementation of a common architecture: Enables the organization to respond quickly to new business imperatives, develop distinctive new capabilities and leverage existing services for true responsiveness; Promotes reuse of existing assets to increase efficiency and thus optimize application development costs with organizational flexibility and supports the building of next-generation solutions; Provides data confidentiality and integrity through the use of encryption.

Case Study: Department of Veterans Affairs IT Unfunded Requirements

August 11

CLIENT RESULTS: Newly developed UFR budgeting process provides capability to handle large numbers of IT programs of various scope and generate a list, based on priority, that could be accomplished as additional funding of any amount becomes available during budget execution. Increased overall VA IT acquisition efficiency and effectiveness translating into maximized support to the Veteran and improved organizational operations.



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