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Marine Corps

Case Study: USMC Blount Island Command Workforce Resource Assessment

August 12

CLIENT RESULTS: Gained full visibility into importance, quality and workload of the organizations. Performed 7 “what-if” workforce optimization analysis based on emergent or expected changes to budget, mission, or environment. Provided 3 data informed strategies to improve performance to mission. Able to quickly and accurately respond to civilian staffing review saving 100’s man-hours. 2 Commands. 281 Positions. $3 million opportunity savings. 40 MY Inefficiencies/Misalignment.

Case Study: USMC Study System: CD&I, SID, and PP&O Prepositioning CBA

August 12

CLIENT RESULTS: Gained quantitative and qualitative analysis to examine MPF expanded utility; Demonstrated how average of 20% increase in GCC foundational activity demand could be met with existing and projected prepo, platforms, forces; Gained quantitative and qualitative data to show pros/cons of 12 different propositioning excursions; Provided targeted range of options to HQMC required to support leadership POM-17 budget decisions. 8 Study Group Commands; ~20% Increased Presence; $1.8M TSC Exercise Savings (Source of savings – MARFORPAC)

Case Study: Headquarters, Marine Corps, CD&I, Logistics Integration

August 12

CLIENT RESULTS: Prioritization of more than 200 logistics information systems in the Enterprise Log Portfolio. Facilitated the identification of and implementation of synergistic relationships between key SMEs across the enterprise (I&L, CD&I, MCSC, FMF) regarding the logistics portfolio. Re-allocation of funding towards prioritized systems within the logistics portfolio. Reduced the need for 8 separate CBAs. Reduced future JCIDS staffing timelines. Prioritization and Identification of funding requirements for 5 key Systems in Log Portfolio.



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