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Case Study: Department of Veterans Affairs IT Unfunded Requirements

January 19


  • VA’s organizational components make unfunded requirements (UFR) budget decisions using separate and distinctive processes, as well as non-conforming criteria which typically results in disjointed, non-integrated and non-holistic enterprise IT solutions
  • VA requires an enterprise-wide repeatable process allowing leadership to effectively and efficiently manage budget resource allocation supporting integrated and interoperable IT acquisition (R&D, procurement, and sustainment and maintenance)
  • VHA OIA charged with creating an enterprise-wide resource decision process that minimizes stove-pipe IT systems and maximizes investment of resources


  • Developed comprehensive process using weighted criteria created from enterprise strategic- and operational - level guidance that supporting comparisons among projects of differing kinds
  • Provided a complete solution by: (1) Conducting facilitated program reviews and voting sessions using electronic decision support tools that provide consistent, traceable, verifiable, and justifiable results; and (2) Creating an empowered enterprise voting panel with corporate and its seven components represented


  • Newly developed UFR budgeting process provides capability to handle large numbers of IT programs of various scope and generate a list, based on priority, that could be accomplished as additional funding of any amount becomes available during budget execution 
  • Increased overall VA IT acquisition efficiency and effectiveness translating into maximized support to the Veteran and improved organizational operations



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