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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Law Enforcement Information Sharing Initiative Support

November 12


  • The DHS Law Enforcement Information Sharing Initiative (LEISI) PMO supports the development and implementation of law enforcement information sharing across DHS, is the business steward of DHS LEIS Service and DPICS2 systems, and conducts outreach to raise awareness and participation in law enforcement information sharing
  • A team knowledgeable in LEIS was needed to measure and report initiative performance, assist with the annual LEIS Roundtable, and promote the organization and its achievements


  • Developed and maintained a performance dashboard
  • Developed and implemented strategy for successful annual DHS Law Enforcement Information Sharing (LEIS) Roundtables and DHS LEIS Awards
  • Developed reports and briefings to promote DHS LEISI accomplishments


  • Program conducted successful outreach resulting in increased usage of systems and an increase in information searches conducted
  • Facilitated DHS LEIS Roundtable and Awards with DHS Secretary as keynote and several senior level speakers resulting in increased awareness throughout the Department
  • Delivery of recurring reporting to key stakeholders  resulting in promotion of, and engagement in, LEIS initiatives
  • Provided management reports with meaningful and quantifiable measures, resulting in increased management visibility
  • 46% increase in FY13 system users
  • 49% increase in FY13 system searches
  • 250% increase in 2013 award nominations



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