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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tactical Communications Business Office Support

November 12


  • ICE OCIO required experienced project management support for the oversight of the multi-year upgrade of its Land Mobile Radio (LMR)  Infrastructure and other Tactical Communications (TACCOM) Program initiatives
  • The Government lacked resources to manage the annual budget and acquisitions


  • Delivered an Integrated Master Schedule of all ongoing  LMR projects which included milestones and decision points to minimize scope creep and cost overruns
  • Developed and maintained a checkbook like financial management tool to track and report all financial transactions for the TACCOM Program over the last 5 years
  • Developed and maintained a dashboard to track and report the status of all active contracts and any associated contract modification agreements
  • Built a cost model for replacing end of life (EOL) radio and infrastructure equipment


  • Secured additional funding for the modernization of infrastructure in new regions
  • 100% “Audit Ready” for DHS Office of Inspector General financial audits
  • Use of an automated tool to monitor deliverable submission by system integrators
  • Effective annual implementation strategy to roll out new radio and infrastructure technology based on current life cycle capabilities
  • 65 projects
  • 13,00 users
  • 623 infrastructure sites
  • 2025 completion timeline
  • $23M program cost



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