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Case Study: VHA Health Systems Informatics (HSI) Business Capability Management Board (BCMB)

January 19


  • VHA Office of Informatics and Analytics (OIA) requires Health Systems Informatics (HSI) to better manage and prioritize the over 750 outstanding VHA business-related New Service Requests (NSRs) that currently exist
  • HSI will create a Business Capability Management Board (BCMB) to prioritize all VHA NSRs which have ever been submitted (since its 1999 inception)
  • HSI must evaluate all NSRs in the New Service Request Database (NSRD) and determine whether or not the functionality requested within the NSR was ever delivered


  • Co-authored the BCMB Charter and coordinated all communications for approval
  • Meticulously managed the compilation of all relevant NSR data that existed from multiple databases into a single document for prioritization
  • Evaluated NSR data and determined if and when the capability functionality was delivered to VHA
  • Developed an accurate listing of outstanding NSRs whose functionality were never delivered; coordinated with Stakeholders to determine those NSRs still representing a valid need
  • Coordinated all Prioritization efforts to rank all valid NSRs


  • The BCMB presented a prioritized list of validated NSRs to senior HSI leadership
  • HSI has established a new process that ensures validity of the NSR capability information presented to senior VHA leadership
  • Detailed and up-to-date data now informs funding decisions for the top VHA business needs
  • VHA stakeholders needs are now being met in real-time



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