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Case Study: VHA Strategic Investment Management, Service Oriented Architecture

August 12


  • VA desired to  strengthen VHA’s IT capabilities by:
    • Increasing organizational agility: reducing IT burdens by breaking down departmental silos, and decoupling services from their consumers.
    • Improving Control: Through an architecture to give better control to update processes with little impact on other systems and costs.
    • Enhance ROI: By reuse of services and eliminate similar development efforts.
    • Enforcing collaboration across all competing organizations in order to establish a common set of principles for enterprise-wide SOA implementation


  • Organized a robust set of subject matter experts and stakeholders from across the VHA enterprise
  • Identified and documented all known services within VistA.  Services will now be cataloged by service type to understand where overlapping services exist
  • Implemented a common architecture to include a service bus to manage the services
  • Developed and implemented governance plan


  • All VistA services were documented and cataloged, including the implementation of a common architecture:
    • Enables the organization to respond quickly to new business imperatives, develop distinctive new capabilities and leverage existing services for true responsiveness
    • Promotes reuse of existing assets to increase efficiency and thus optimize application development costs with organizational flexibility and supports the building of next-generation solutions
    • Provides data confidentiality and integrity through the use of encryption



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